Fushay Premium Microfiber Towels 5 Pack - Ideal for Professionals

🌟 Larger Size, Maximum Coverage: Our microfiber towels are larger than most comparable options on the market, providing you with ample surface area for all your beauty needs. Say goodbye to small and inadequate towels and upgrade to the perfect size for facial steamer treatments, makeup removal, and hair drying.
🌟 Extra Thick and Absorbent: Made from ultra-plush, extra thick microfiber with a weighty 460 GSM, our towels boast superior absorbency. With an incredible 7X more water absorption than traditional towels, they effortlessly whisk away moisture, leaving your skin and hair feeling dry and fresh.
🌟 Superior Heat Retention: Enjoy the added benefit of enhanced heat retention, as our microfiber towels hold heat better than most others. This feature is perfect for maximizing the effects of facial steamer treatments, ensuring a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home or salon.
🌟 Streamlined Design for Efficiency: Our towels are thoughtfully designed with a streamlined shape, allowing you to fit more towels in your towel warmers compared to standard cotton towels. Save time and energy as you easily warm multiple towels simultaneously, keeping your clients or yourself cozy and comfortable.
🌟 Unmatched Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials and reinforced borders, these towels are built to last. Experience their professional-grade strength, preventing fraying or unraveling over time. No more worries about wear and tear – these towels are here to stay!

The Ultimate Microfiber Towels for Beauty Professionals and More! Experience the luxury and functionality of our professional-grade microfiber towels, designed exclusively for estheticians, barbers, salons, and beauty enthusiasts like you! With our 5-pack of premium microfiber towels, you'll enjoy superior performance and unbeatable value. Get ready to revolutionize your beauty routines with these incredible towels! These professional-grade microfiber towels are perfect for beauty professionals, such as estheticians, barbers, and salon owners. They are also great for home use, such as facial steamer treatments, makeup removal, and hair drying. Upgrade to the ultimate microfiber towels that professionals rely on. Elevate your beauty routines and enjoy the luxury you deserve! These towels are made of extra thick microfiber (460 GSM), which makes them incredibly absorbent. They can hold up to 7 times their weight in water, so they are perfect for drying off clients or customers. They are also lint-free, so they will not leave any residue on your clients' skin or hair. Larger size for maximum coverage during facial steamer treatments, makeup removal, and hair drying. These towels are also machine washable. Made to last, with reinforced borders and no pilling. They are made to last, with reinforced borders and no pilling. With our machine washable microfiber towels, maintenance is a breeze. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they'll come out fresh and ready for your next use. Ultra-plush and extra thick microfiber (460 GSM) for exceptional absorbency. Superior heat retention to enhance the effects of facial steamer treatments. Streamlined design allows for more towels to fit in towel warmers compared to cotton towels. High-quality and professional-grade with reinforced borders last longer. 🌟 Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Experience the convenience of having a single towel that meets all your needs. Gym, Shower, Shop Towels, Spa Towels, Auto



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