Compressed Facial Sponges for Sensitive Skin 40 count | Alba Pura by Fushay

Back with a 40 Pack!! By popular request, we now offer more of what you want in this deluxe value pack.
DEEP FACIAL CLEAN feeling with Alba Pura Cellulose facial sponges.

Natural Cellulose fibers are professional grade and highly absorbent.
Gentle enough for sensitive skin!
Good for mild exfoliation.

Not only do these sponges make a statement by being the cutest darn things you’ve ever seen, you will see how good they are at gentle exfoliation. No harboring of bacteria here! This antimicrobial makeup sponge is much more complex than it seems. We have taken the technology from facial sea sponges and integrated the biodegradable soft exfoliating features to blend perfectly with the best texture available in a reusable 100% natural facial sponge.

Step 1: Soak sponge with water until it expands to full size.

Step 2: Apply facial cleanser to sponge.

Step 3: Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions.

Step 4: After each use, rinse and wring out the water.

Step 5: Allow sponge to air dry and store in a cool, dry place.

Step 6: Replace sponge as needed.

All beauticians and estheticians know that quality, luxury, and impressions are important. Whether you are the client (buying for yourself), or these are for your clients, you’ll love ‘em!! We are always open to feedback, so if you want us to offer more, message us and let us know what you would like to see next from Fushay!!

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